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Captain Kelly Kuehnle, CERT Program Coordinator, Alhambra Fire Department, Alhambra, California

How can CERT help you, your family and neighbors?
In the aftermath of a major disaster, a quick response from an emergency agency such as your fire department will not be possible. It is important to understand that a disaster is any event that overwhelms existing resources to deal with the event. The available emergency crews will not be able to get to everyone immediately. Roads could become impassable and thus prevent emergency vehicles from getting to people in areas that require immediate assistance. Alhambra CERT-trained members will help residents deal with a disaster until an agency can respond.

The Alhambra Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training Program 
The Alhambra Fire Department offers 21 hours of disaster rescue training for community volunteers (at least 18 years of age or 16 if accompanied by an adult) who reside or work in the City of Alhambra or attend a house of worship in Alhambra and would like to learn how to help themselves, their families, neighbors, and their community in the hours and perhaps days following a major disaster such as an earthquake. If you live in another community, contact your local fire department for CERT training.

How can CERT training prepare you for an emergency?
Minutes can make the difference in saving lives. This is where the CERT program comes in. In six training sessions that meet weekly in the evening, trainees learn about preparing for and handling a disaster. The training is provided with both in-class instruction and plenty of hands-on practice to reinforce concepts being learned.

What’s Covered
The Alhambra CERT program trains you in the following areas:

    Emergency Disaster Preparedness - how to prepare for a major disaster by making homes safer and by stocking up on supplies that are important to have in the home in case of an emergency. The March 2011 earthquake in Japan underscores this need and especially to stockpile 7 gallons of water for every person in your household.

    First Responder Assistance - how to perform life-saving techniques such as first-aid, fire suppression, and light search and rescue. Note, CPR is not taught (please contact the American Red Cross or your local hospital for two year CPR certification).

    Good Teamwork and Communications - how to work together to maximize effectiveness.

The development of all these skills is very important to being successful in a catastrophic disaster, and the CERT instructors help to cultivate these skills throughout the CERT training.

After Basic Training

Refresher Training is offered twice a year - in the spring and the fall on a Saturday morning. Monthly table top training is currently being planned for a week night.

CERT-trained individuals from any community may join our refresher training sessions but must pre-register with Alhambra CERT Association’s Secretary,

Our next refresher training will be held at the Alhambra Fire Department Training Facility, 911 South New Avenue, Alhambra in the fall.

JOIN CERT TODAY! Be prepared for the next disaster. You must be at least 18 years of age (16 if with an adult) and reside or work in an Alhambra-based business or attend a house of worship in Alhambra to be eligible to participate.

The six training classes will be held at Station 71, 301 North 1st Street (1st and Woodward), Alhambra on six consecutive Wednesday evenings starting April 11th, 6:30 - 9:30 pm. Graduation will be on a different night (TBA).

TO REGISTER, email and provide your name, your Alhambra address (residential/business/house of worship), and contact phone number (cell phone, home, or Alhambra business number). You will receive a confirmation number, which should be brought with you to the first class session.

You will be asked to sign the below “waiver and release” form:


The Alhambra Community Emergency Response Team

                            Alhambra, California

The ACA, Alhambra CERT Association is part of the national Citizen Corps, under FEMA, to promote all-hazards disaster preparedness. 

The ACA is the team behind the teamwork after citizens graduate from basic CERT training provided by the fire department. Promoting and coordinating further disaster education and training programs is the role of the Alhambra CERT Association.

Our on-going campaign called MYN, Map Your Neighborhood is designed to better prepare whole neighborhoods for the more than 30,000 households in Alhambra. MYN is a state of Washington-based program that fills in the gap between taking care of one’s family and the City of Alhambra’s community-wide response.

Questions? Contact us at   


NEW CERT CLASS starts April 11th.

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